The Zombie King


Samuel Peters, once an ordinary man, turns to voodoo in a desperate bid to bring his wife back from the grave. His dabbling soon summons Kalfu, the God of malevolence, with whom he pacts to destroy the underworld and bring chaos unto Earth. In return, he will become "The Zombie King" and walk the earth for eternity with his deceased love. As an ever-growing horde of zombies begins to completely wipe out a countryside town, the government sets up a perimeter and institutes a ruthless shoot-on-sight policy. Trapped within the town, the locals and an unlikely bunch of misfits must fight for their lives and unite in order to survive. Will our heroes unravel the clues in time or will The Zombie King and his horde of zombies rise on the Night of the Dark Moon?

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Edward Furlong (American History X, Terminator 2), Corey Feldman (The Lost Boys, Stand By Me)

Directed by

Aidan Belizaire

Written by

Rebecca-Clare Evans, Jennifer Chippindale, Lisa Cachia

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Zombie Hampster

“The Zombie King is a frightfully good indie feature which mixes humour and storytelling to great effect.”

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9th century China. 10-year old general's daughter Nie Yinniang is abducted by a nun who initiates her into the martial arts, transforming her into an exceptional assassin charged with eliminating cruel and corrupt local governors. Oneday, having failed in a task, she is sent back by her mistress to the land of her birth, with orders to kill the man to whom she was promised - a cousin who now leads the largest military region in North China. After 13 years of exile, the young woman must confront her parents, her memories and her long-repressed feelings. A slave to the orders of her mistress, Nie Yinniang must choose: sacrifice the man she loves or break forever with the sacred way of the righteous assassins.

47 Metres Down

Fun-loving, twenty-something, sisters Kate and Lisa are ready for the holiday of a lifetime in Mexico. When the opportunity to go cage diving to view Great White sharks presents itself, thrill-seeking Kate jumps at the chance while Lisa takes some convincing. After some not so gentle persuading, Lisa finally agrees and the girls soon find themselves two hours off the coast of Huatulco and about to come face-to-face with nature's fiercest predator.

But what should have been the trip to end all trips soon becomes a living nightmare when the cage breaks free from the boat and plummets to the ocean floor. Kate and Lisa find themselves trapped deep underwater with less than an hour of oxygen left in their tanks. They must somehow work out how to get back to the safety of the boat above through 47 metres of shark-infested waters.